• Book of Excellence: True Growth—Simple insights on How to Live and Lead with Authenticity with best-selling author, Byrd Baggett
  • The Rebuilding of a Destination with Gatlinburg Convention and Visitors Bureau CEO, Mark Adams
  • The Real Truth of Working with OTAs - Unfiltered and Updated with Steve Milo
  • Best Practices in 2018 Housekeeping and Maintenance with Steve Craig
  • Where the Vacation Rental Industry is Heading with CEOs, Doug Brindley, Tim Cafferty, Amy Gaster, Miller Hawkins, Jodi Refosco, and Clark Twiddy


  • Keys to Leadership and Management with Byrd Baggett
  • Skipping Over the Pitfalls in Changing Property Management Software with Doug Macnaught
  • Benchmark Reporting and Revenue Management with Gene Brothers and Amy Hinote
  • Property Care Trends and Technology with Jeremy Gall
  • Stronger Together: Leveraging Your Sphere of Influence with C.J. Stam and Tina Upson
  • Credit Card Processing, Travel Insurance and Smart Home Updates, Panel
  • Finding New Revenue Streams, Panel
  • Facing the 800 lb. Gorillas with Alex Nigg



  • Managing an In-house Marketing Department with Katrina Murray
  • Increasing Website Conversion Rates with Brandon Sauls
  • The Universe of Digital Property Display with Suzi Cusack
  • Lead Acquisition and Conversion with Matt Renner and Ryan Bailey
  • Listing Site and OTA Independence with Amber Mayer
  • Online Marketing Strategies with Peter Scott
  • Email Marketing Workshop with Heather Weiermann
  • 2018 Must-Have Marketing Tactics with Matt Bare 


  • Round Table Discussions: Housekeeping, Maintenance and Operations
  • Guest Service Training for Housekeeping Staff with Jodi Refosco
  • Setting Up Piece Rates with Durk Johnson
  • Creating and Managing Budgets and Financial Statements
  • Linen Life Expectancy and Different Types of Linen (Show and Tell)
  • The Cost of Disengaged Employees with Sue Jones
  • Building an In-House Laundry Facility with Joe Refosco
  • Generating Income for Your Housekeeping Department with Steve Craig
  • Sustainable Products and Green Certifications with Durk Johnson
  • Housekeepers: Guardian of the Brand with Tim Cafferty
  • Q&A: What is on your mind?
  • Second Annual Housekeeping Survey Results and Q&A with New Executive Housekeeper of the Year